Munawar Ali, 7th Dan Black belt

Supreme Chief Instructor

Mr Munawar Ali joined TKC HQ as an ambitious and enthusiastic student in early 80s. He graduated with his Black belt test in 1985 and went on to become one of the youngest All Pakistan National Champions and went on to earn severalGold medals in SAF games. He has also represented Pakistan in Olympic games.Mr Ali, at present is serving TKC as Supreme Chief Instructor with over 150 clubs reporting into him, both nationally and internationally.

Mr Ali also has a distinguished honour of the first instructor to teach martial arts to people with special needs in the School for Deaf and Blind. He also has an honour of being the first to have (special needs’) students graduated with Black belts. Another honour worth mentioning is Mr Ali being the second martial artist (after Grandmaster MA Tai) to have taught students over three continents.


Mukhtar Ahmed, 7th Dan Black belt

Chairman Parent Support Group and Personal Assistant to Grand Master

Born in April 1949, Mr Mukhtar Ahmed joined the club, as most of us now know as one of the senior most black belts within the mentorship of Grandmaster M.A. Tai. He joined the club in early 70’s and upon becoming a black belt, he went on to establish martial arts in the province KPK (formerly Pakhtoonkhwa). Upon establishing a suite of clubs, he went on to train various militaries in an official capacity as “Chief Military Instructor” in Pakistan Army and then later to Saudi Armed forces. 
Mr Ahmed, was once known, in his prime days, as a “Giant Tiger” because of his size and ferocity. Now he serves the centre as Chairman Parent Support Group and also advises the Grandmaster on day to day matters as his Personal Assistant.  

Master Abbas Tai, Black belt

Little Master

Master Abbas Tai does not only have the honour of being the don of Grandmaster MA Tai but also the junior most blackbelt who has been given the tile of Little Master due to his abilities and proficiency in various props like Nun chucks, Katana, Stick, Psi and others. Master Abbas is indeed the future of Bando and Tai’s Karate Centre.

United Kingdom

Dr Saqib Choudhary, 5th Dan Black belt

Chief Instructor TKC UK (European HQ)

Dr Choudhary has been associated with martial arts for the last 37 years. He started his martial arts career at the age of 5 and accomplished his first black belt in a Japanese form at the age of 10. He then moved on to Bando style of martial arts under the mentorship of Grandmaster MA Tai. In his time as an active martial artist, Dr Choudhary has won 11 Gold medals (10 KOs) in all Pakistan Championships and one Gold medal at the South Asian Federation (SAF) Games.

 Dr Choudhary has served as Instructor for the para-military forces for unarmed combat and self-defence courses as well as coached the under 10s, under 14s and teen teams at TKC HQ.He has coached the women’s TKC team that participated in the 2002 All Pakistan Karate Championship to a record number of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals with overall team trophy won by the valiant girls’ team from Tai’s Karate HQ.

 Dr Choudhary has now been running TKC club in the United Kingdom for the last two years where they now have over 40 students, aged 5 to 15 years old. The club has already progressed and is having its Green belt promotion tests in January 2020 for the first batch of students who joined in Spring 2017.

Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates

Mr Muslim Bhatti, 8th Dan Black belt

Chief Instructor TKC KSA and Chief Coordinator Middle East

At the age of ten, Mr Bhatti learntShotokan from Japanese army staff and earned Black belt. He was brought under the mentorship of Grandmaster Mohammad Ashraf Taithrough Master Abdul Sattar Niyazi(legend in Punjab Bando and the first person to receive Black belt in Bando). Mr Bhatti started pursuing Bando as a beginner and in 1974he started karate clubs in Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and Gujarat. He introduced Bando karate to In Cantonment Army Commando Units in early 80s. In 1976, 1978, and 1980, he won National Gold medals in 90kg categories. In 1980-1981, he earned Black belt from Grandmaster MA Tai. In 1981, the Grandmaster relocated him to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to train Saudi Air Force personnel. 

 Mr Bhatti, in his over three decades of service to karate, has taught physical education and the art of Bando and karate in prestigious institutions like Saudi Royal Commission and Pakistan Army. Mr Bhatti is a recipient of Achievement award from His Highness (late) King Fahad

 At present, Mr Bhatti has been spearheading teaching martial arts to all schools within Pakistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia.